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Training sons and daughters to be respectful and responsible can be done today, and it can be done confidently in the secular society in which we live. This Biblical Blueprint for Parenting Seminar is designed to assist parents and grandparents in raising contented children and grandchildren by God’s wonderful grace.


The teaching sessions focus on the strength to fulfill parental responsibility, how to biblically develop a child's self-worth, disciplining children, conducting family devotions, handling feelings of parental failure, restoring fractured family relationships, and more.


Greg and Connie understand some of the stress and success of parenting. Over the last 39 years, they have raised four sons with temperaments ranging from compliant to super strong-willed. In the last six years, they have joined their sons and daughters-in-laws in training their sixteen grandchildren. In their parenting seminar, they share the basic principles of Christian parenting and the successes and failures they have experienced as parents and grandparents.


Greg also understands most of the struggles and rewards of single parents. When Greg was seven, his father died, and his mother, Gertrude Brezina, was left with eight children to raise. This she did, as she says, "by God's grace." Because of her sacrificial single-parenting efforts, her children, daughter-in-laws, son-in-law, grandchildren, and great grandchildren honor and appreciate her.


This one day parenting seminar is divided into five segments, three sessions in the morning and two after lunch. Thoughtful listening is encouraged, and time is taken for questions and answers; however, open sharing with the group is not required.


This seminar will give parents insights into:


  • ...understanding parenting styles and their effects on children.
  • ...raising children in single, adoptive, and intact families
  • ...developing children's identity from a biblical perspective
  • children to live by convictions and not preferences.
  • ...guidelines on how to avoid raising rebellious children.
  • ...teaching children and teens through discipline.


What Others Have Said

"It is my joy to recommend CFT's parenting seminar. Greg and Connie have ministered in our church three times, and we continue to have them back because their life message as a family is so encouraging and the principles that they teach are directly from the Word of God." - A Pastor

"God has done such an exciting work in our lives since the seminar. Through your teaching, God spoke to us in a very personal way! My husband had not spoken to his family in almost four years because of hurt feelings and anger, and they only live 15 minutes from us. After the weekend, my husband came home and resolved to make that relationship right! Even though my husband's Mom and Dad are not Christians, the Holy Spirit prepared their hearts because they received him openly. Before he left, for the first time in his life, his father told him that he loved him. Through the Holy Spirit, my husband began praying with me and the children! My husband is a changed man! We have had many more answers to prayer, but we felt we really wanted to share these with you to let you know how God used both of you to begin a great work in our lives. We thank our Lord so much for your ministry." - A Seminar Attendee


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Interested in attending one of our seminars? Check our schedule to find out where we will be and when.


Interested in attending one of our seminars? Check our schedule to find out where we will be and when.