Grow In Grace Seminar

Grow in God's Grace

Would you like to know more about helping others grow in God’s grace? Would you like to gain insights into why Christians and non-Christians struggle with anger, addictions, fears, worries, etc? Would you like to better understand how to biblically train children and grandchildren from a foundation of grace? If so, this seminar is for you.


Want to know why some people set goals, achieve a measure of success and remain unsatisfied? Do you wonder why Christians tryhard to live for Christ and keep disappointing Him? Do you know someone in a difficult relationship and don’t know how to help them bring it to resolution? If so, this seminar is for you.


The Message

The Grow in Grace message is an expanded teaching of Romans 5-8 which sets forth a believer’s identification with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. Through understanding how to appropriate one’s identification in Christ, believers not only begin to understand the Exchanged Life, but also learn how to bring life’s trials and tribulations to resolution.


Seminar Topics

  • * Concept of God
  • * Nature Of The Flesh
  • * Identification With Christ
  • * Journey To The Cross
  • * Believer’s New Identity
  • * Believer’s Victory

What Others Have Said

"For the first time in my life I clearly understood that Christ was in me, and I have His righteousness. I came to Christ at 9 and have been attending church for 64 years. Yet, no one has ever explained my righteousness in Christ like you did."

"This conference has not only uplifted me as a pastor, husband, and father but has enhanced my personal relationship with my Savior and Lord."

"I have been a Christian almost my whole life. I have been very discouraged lately because I haven't figured out why I am not happy. I realize now, even though I don't understand it all, that I have been missing out on an abundant life in Christ. God bless you for your ministry."
"The “eyes of my heart” have truly been enlightened and now believing His truth, rejecting the Lies, and experiencing HIS life is the norm, and not the exception."

"I hope that every Christian would be taught these principles immediately."

"Over and above the great material and well presented truths, there was the Holy Spirit's wonderful presence."


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