Testimonies Of God At Work



Listen to Ray and Pam share about how God restored their marriage at the point they believed that their union would never survive.


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Listen to David share about how God showed him who he is in Christ and the healing God is bringing to the abuse in his past.


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Listen to Jeff and Cassy share about how God revealed to them the lies they were believing about themselves, and how they are replacing them with the truth about their real identity in Christ.


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Listen to Pastor Alex talk about how he was on the verge of burnout in ministry from the performance treadmill, and how he has been set free to live out of Christ's life.


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A Testimony of Real Freedom In Christ!

In this interview between Greg Brezina and Dallas Ward, Dallas shares how he became addicted to sex, drugs and alcohol and how Jesus Christ has set him free. Several years ago, Dallas and his wife Anna Lee came through CFT's Advanced Discipleship Program. Currently, the Wards provide Biblical discipleship counseling (in cooperation with Global Frontier Missions-Atlanta GA) to missionary candidates being prepared to serve cross-culturally. Through daily discipleship counseling, missionaries-in-training are strengthened in their relationship with God, their spouse, family members and mission team members, and equipped to effectively disciple others. For more information on Dallas Ward and his ministry, visit his website at www.cten.org/dallasward



Written Testimonies

"God has done such an exciting work in our lives since the Christian Couple's Seminar. Through your teaching, God spoke to us in a very personal way! My husband had not spoken to his family in almost four years because of hurt feelings and anger, and they only live 15 minutes from us. After the weekend, my husband came home and resolved to make that relationship right! Even though my husband's Mom and Dad are not Christians, the Holy Spirit prepared their hearts because they received him openly. Before he left, for the first time in his life, his father told him that he loved him. Through the Holy Spirit, my husband began praying with me and the children! My husband is a changed man! We have had many more answers to prayer, but we felt we really wanted to share these with you to let you know how God used both of you to begin a great work in our lives. We thank our Lord so much for your ministry." - A Seminar Attendee

“I read about the Growing In Grace seminar on the internet while looking for training to help develop the counseling ministry at my church. I traveled from Waterloo, IA. To Newnan, GA. And I was pleased with the entire session. It was renewing and enlightening experience. It has changed my way of thinking and it was worth the 15 Hour drive to attend.” - A Seminar Attendee

“The office was very warm and inviting in what was a very tense situation. The young lady at the front desk was the perfect fit for the job. The concept of identity and the [Exchanged Life] process was life changing. The concept and its practice could absolutely change the face of the church….. especially organized religion. Thank you!!!” - a counselee

"I just wanted to thank you for the bookmark (Letter From Father) that I recently received. I actually don't use it for a bookmark, but have instead hung it on my fridge for everyone that comes over to read. I believe it has reminded several people who have read it just how important they are and how much they are truly loved. Thank you again!" - Alicia

“Four years ago, I walked into the offices of CFT, and my life was a wreck.  I had been a Christian for a long time but did not know which way to go or what to do.  I needed answers.  God brought me through CFT’s door where I could meet people who could teach me about how He loves me, and what He thinks about me.” - a counselee

"I've never jumped from a plane before, but I have felt a lot like a skydiver whose parachute is desperately tangled. I could see the end from miles away, I could see the outcome of my life on the course I was taking, yet, I felt helpless, out of control and lonely. Attempting to manage my own life and save myself from imminent failure and self-destruction wasn't the answer to the world that seemed to spin around me while I was in a total free-fall. I found the answer in Christ's purpose, Christ's forgiveness, Christ's grace, Christ's love and Christ's hope. This was and is my salvation! This is and will be the Hope I stand on and the One I know loves me despite my poor decisions. This is the Truth that set me free!" - a counselee

"I like counseling 'cause we learn & we have a lot of fun. We do a lot of stuff that I did not even know and learn about a lot of bible verses. We learned a lot about what the enemy does and what God does. We got to play a lot of games like pick-up sticks and bowling. Once we did this thing where you draw your family as animals and you write why you drew them like that. I really loved counseling and I will miss it too." - a nine-year-old counselee

"Through your counsel, we have learned to deal with our problems in a biblical manner. We better understand who we are in Christ and are not affected to a great degree by outside influences. We also have the knowledge to fight spiritual battles and live a more victorious Christian life." - a counselee

"I just wanted to write you guys and thank you for all you did for me during our counseling classes last year. I still find myself thinking about class on Tuesday night and missing it and you guys. The Lord has done so much in my life these past few months, and I feel like the truths I learned in class have really "clicked" or a least are becoming more real in my life every day. I constantly find myself noticing lies from the enemy and rights I have held on to that need to be surrendered. It was such an incredible blessing to be able to go through the class and learn what I did at 22 years old. My life has truly been changed by the Truth. I am overflowing with the joy of the Lord! Thank you for the time, love, prayer, and devotionals. I am so grateful for each of you and just wanted you to know that understanding Christ as my life has changed me remarkably!"

"I learned about your web site from a friend of mine that belongs to the same Women's Relief Society out of my Church. I teach a class for younger children during Church and I thought your bookmarks would be wonderful to hand out to the children as reminder's of our Lord's Love and Understanding, and also Forgiveness. I think this is a wonderful idea that you have come up with and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

What a tremendous blessing it was to have been a part of the Advanced Discipleship Training I & II! We are forever grateful for Christian Families Today. God bless everyone of you now and forevermore. - Mike & Jeanne

Greetings in Jesus Name, someone gave me your 'Letter from Father' Bookmark and it is wonderful - a constant reminder of my heavenly Fathers love and the 'I am' encourage me daily. - Patricia

"As I am preparing to go home to my family, I reflect on how fortunate I am to be part of God's family. Your teaching and kindness reach so much farther than you know. With your help I have been able to grow much closer to Christ and ask the advice of the Holy Sprit like never before. You have completely changed the way I look at others, even when they are anything less than nice to me." - a counselee

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